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Sipple Speed & Performance

Max Effort HP95 (TRX, HC Durango, TrackHawk)

Max Effort HP95 (TRX, HC Durango, TrackHawk)

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Sipple Speed and Performance Max Effort HP95 Transmission for TRX, HC Durango, TrackHawk. 

We only offer one level of transmission the "Max Effort". These are the race proven, fully built transmissions. Billet E Drums, performance steels and frictions all assembled to SSP's precise specifications.

We don't just throw a bunch of clutches in and hope for the best. There is a reason Sipple's Max Effort Transmissions lead the lists online, and the winner's circle at the track. 


MAX EFFORT HP95 Build Service
All tolerances and specs set to MAX EFFORT standards.

  • Disassemble unit
  • Install revised clutch modules
    • with added steels & frictions
  • Upgrade tolerances and specs to MAX EFFORT standards
  • Install billet E Drum
  • Blueprint pump
  • Recalibrate the valve body for high HP application
  • Bench test unit and solenoids to ensure operation
  • Fill the unit with approved ZF fluid
  • Prepare for plug and play installation


  • Billet E-drum
  • Extra capacity performance frictions/steels
    • (A,C,E,D)
  • Upgraded stator bushing
  • Upgraded rear bearing
  • New seals & gaskets
  • New pan filter
  • New pump & chain
  • Valve body recalibration
  • Build new separator plate
  • New pump bolts
  • Proprietary modifications to input/output shafts
  • New output shaft nut


  • 2018+ Trackhawk
  • Hellcat Durango
  • TRX


  • AWD: Trackhawk/ Hellcat Durango
  • TRX: different tail housing adapter
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When buying a transmission and a torque converter from SSP, you can save buy purchasing our Transmission & Torque Converter Combos.  

8 Speeds ship filled with fluid, with the converter seated ($300 value). 

HP95 Customers without a core will have significant savings buy purchasing the combo due to how Mopar handles the cores for HP95s.

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