Owner Jon Sipple has 32 years of experience in automotive repair, performance, and restorations. Jon has been racing for over 30 years, pushing the envelope by achieving the first 10 second quarter mile pass in a manual transmission Hellcat.

When Jon realized he had reached the maximum of what the Tremec TR-6060 six-speed could take, he made the jump to a 8 speed automatic Hellcat. It didn't take long for Jon to realize he was going to be pushing past the limits of the stock ZF8HP90 transmission, and he began digging into this platform.

After two years of behind the scenes research, development, and brutal testing on Jon's own monster Hellcat, the Max Effort Transmission line was born. His modified ZF8HP90 transmission is now capable of handling the power put out by the modern Hellcats and HEMI power plants. When the Max Effort line was launched, it was a huge success, taking the modern Mopar racing scene by storm.

Sipple's Speed & Performance was formed in February 2020. It is a family owned business, with Jon working on the R&D, wrenching and dirty work. His wife, Jessica, who is also a distinguished racer, runs SSP's day to day operations.

The Sipple's have had a huge impact at the track, quickly leaping to the top of their classes in both NMCA and the Modern Street HEMI Shootout series.