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“Max Effort” Transmission Refresh

“Max Effort” Transmission Refresh

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Keep your “Max Effort” Transmission ready for the track with SSP's “Max Effort” Transmission Refresh. Transmissions, no matter how well they are built, need to be refreshed with the power these modern Mopars put down. 

How often you need to refresh your trans, depends on how hard you are on it. For the average racer every 2-3 seasons is fine. If you are a track rat beating on your sled a lot, then we recommend getting your trans refreshed every season.


  • Tear down & inspection
  • Clean all parts
  • Replace seals & frictions
  • Refresh converter
  • Additional items increase price


  • New seals, frictions, & steels (where needed)
  • New fluid & filter
  • Converter refresh to check for damage
  • Additional costs will occur if issues are found.
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