TCM Programing

TCM Programing

Option 1:

  1. Remove the TCM from the trans coming out of the vehicle and install it on the new valve body in the built trans.
    1. This will require you to remove the fluid in the trans and save it for reinstall.
  2. Removing the TCM from the valve body is a simple task.
  3. Remove the pan and filter and then remove all the t40 bolts that hold the valve body to the case.
  4. Lift up on the connector lock and carefully pull the connector out of the case.
  5. Keep the trans laying on its top to retain any residual fluid that may still be there from draining.
  6. Once the valve body is removed and, on the bench, remove the 3 short t27 bolts that hold the plastic harness guide in place.
  7. Then remove the 5 long t27 bolts that hold the TCM to the valve body.
  8. Reverse the procedure to install the TCM on the valve body.
  9. Torque specs for t27 bolts are 58 inch lbs and the t40 are 89 inch lbs.
  10. Once the trans is back together lay the trans on its side and remove the fill plug.
  11. Using a small funnel carefully fill the trans with the fluid that was removed.
  12. Keep the plug on the case vent to prevent fluid from coming out while filling.
    1. A trick to keep the fluid from air locking in the funnel is to install a small pick or screwdriver between the hole and funnel to create a small air gap for air to escape while filling.
  13. Perform Quick Learn (See Below)

Option 2:

  1. Using dealer software you can install the correct VIN and stock TCM calibration file to the TCM that is in the built trans.
  2. Once this procedure is done the trans will have the stock file the vehicle was built with.
  3. Once this is done the trans can be calibrated.
  4. Perform Quick Learn (See Below)

Quick Learn:

In either option, it is critical to perform a quick learn and reset adaptive memory before proceeding with tuning.

Make sure to drive the vehicle after the VIN Calibration to ensure the transmission shifts and there are no codes before tuning on the TCM with HP Tuners.

Using the TCM in the built trans will require the purchase of 4 credits from HP Tuners to gain access to change the file.
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